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Becoming an entrepreneur

Hello you,

Containment is difficult for everyone, and we can question ourselves during this period.

How do you recognize if you have the entrepreneurial fiber?

  • You love working for yourself
  • You don’t count your hours of work
  • You’d like to work harder and more
  • As soon as you have a goal achieved, you give yourself a new one
  • You accept the risk that your turnover will vary by month
  • You always want to create a new project (we only have one life after all)
  • The words business, management, chief, money don’t scare you

If you are an employee, right now when you read this article, tell yourself that you have every right to have a self-employed company in what you are passionate about, and on the day when the turnover will have exceeded the fixed salary you have each month, then do not hesitate to change sides, and work for you, just for you.

You’ve probably been told before:

  • “but no it’s a risk don’t do that”
  • “You’re never going to make as much money as if it were an employee”
  • “At least as an employee, you’re sure to have money falling every month”

But have you ever been told?

  • “Great idea, you’re going to make more money”
  • “It’s great, you’re going to work for yourself”

Few people will tell you it’s great. They’d like to have the courage to do what you do. They will surely discourage you, or at least try. Never let people who don’t believe in you get shot. It’s your business, your baby. It’s up to you.

You’re going to say, “Okay, that’s fine, how do you become a business leader?” Indeed, there are no CEO courses online, nor in schools. But by training on social networks, on how to run a business, manage its accounting, until its communication. All this, do not lack online.

Whether you are a photographer, a clothing salesman, a cosmetics brand… you all have one goal: to make sales. Just because you’re an artist doesn’t mean you have to forget that you’re running a business. Business is business, as I usually say.

Example: If you’re a photographer but don’t have a client, how are you going to take pictures? exchanges of photos, never brought in money.

Yes… The money pays your bills, and once they are paid. Why don’t you have some left behind for your future? to allow you one day to take an assistant, and make sure that the money falls even when you are on vacation.

Even when you have your own business, you have the right to want to climb even higher. To one day run your business, and more necessarily do everything that took you hours. Over the years, you may get tired (or maybe not), then it will be time to outsource, and ask other people (by paying them of course) to do everything you did for yourself.

If you have decided to get started, it is of course important to make your website to talk about your business, to bring you back customers.

The team is here to help, feel free to contactus.

Pauline Cheyrouze

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