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Creating your logo

What is a logo? It is a graphic element that represents a brand or a company. It is a symbol, a means of identification and communication indispensable to any company.

Today having a logo is essential to seduce, target a potential clientele, enhance its image, differentiate itself from the competition and impact on the market.

Here are the 4 main steps to creating your logo:

1. Plan before you create!

This is your creative process. This is where you set your foundation!

You can do this alone or accompanied by your graphic designer (the call of a graphic designer depends on whether you already have specific ideas or if on the contrary you do not know where to start). For this first step, it is necessary to:

– Define your brand identity..

It is necessary to ask yourself: What values or emotions do you want to convey? What are the keywords that would define you? Who are you talking to? What’s your goal? Etc…

– Get inspired!

Make a brainstorming, make a board of inspiration (moodboard). Find references, observe trends, draw inspiration from design, colour combinations, illustrations, universes or existing logos… inspiration has no limits, it is always rewarding!

– Watching the competition…

Always keep an eye on your competitors in order to stand out and not plagiarize.

2. Research and creation

It is imperative to communicate well with your graphic designer so that the results are optimal. It starts with writing a clear brief from Step 1 (Plan Before You Create), so your graphic designer understands who you are and what you’re looking for.

Thanks to your collaboration, the graphic designer will be able to develop a custom concept by determining:

– The style of the logo: Monogram (example: H and M) , logotype, mascot, pictogram, emblem…

– The tone: Modern, minimalist, classic, retro, vintage, original, quirky, handmade…

– Colors: Each color has a symbolism, you have to choose them and tune them.

– The typography: Without seif, handwritten, fantasy…

– Composition: Spacing, alignments, framing…

The graphic designer will then make you a series of design proposals trying to get as close as possible to the desired logo.

3. The randouches

You may be satisfied with a first logo proposal, you may also have to make alterations by your

Graphic designer. Included in the quote, changes and adjustments are essential to meet your expectations.

4. Development of variations

Once you have validated your logo, the graphic designer offers different variations of your main logo. Today a single logo is not enough, you have to be able to adapt it according to the type of media (printed or digital), its functionality and your needs.

Indeed, to decline its logo is to think that sometimes it will have to be printed in black and white; it also means having several versions to affix it to your business cards, your mail, your packaging, your site… A logo must give an appropriate response to each type of situation.

When the variations are finished, the graphic designer delivers your logo in several formats usually PDF, JPEG, PNG and SVG.

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Marie Velasco – Graphic Artist Team Darlow Paris

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