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How to animate your community on social networks at this time COVID-19

A community is a group of people who interact with each other, share and use information related to their common interests. A community is normally characterized by a sense of belonging felt by its members.

The development of the Internet has fostered the emergence of many virtual communities.

This digital trend increased sharply in April 2020 with the introduction of containment to curb the spread of Covid 19.

First, you need to understand why you need to animate and energize your community:

Animating your community on the web can help you retain existing customers. Your goal will then be to build a sense of community. They will consume and buy your products again, but they will also be used for your digital communication.

But then how to animate his community in this period of COVID-19?

To be successful in creating and nurturing a community, it must be valued at all times and in a variety of ways:

  • The first step is to identify and target your community and their desires by analyzing all the data available to you. Then you need to create highly targeted, interesting or/and fun content.
  • It will always be necessary to offer original and quality content. By making efforts to create content and diversify your formats, your community will return it to you.
  • Whichever social network you choose, you’ll need to remember that you’ll have to adapt to each other’s specifics to energize the universe around your brand. For content creation, it’s your creativity and originality that will make the difference to a target audience.
  • Your visuals are very important including images and videos, carousels or animations. These fully define your image and help to have a controlled impact. Images and videos generate a much higher commitment than texts because of the attraction they represent to consumers.
  • Not to mention taking care of your titles and catchers, statistics show that the most effective titles are those that contain a number.
  • You then have to choose your publishing moments and post regularly in order to set up a routine for users. The time of day when you post your content will be of paramount importance to the commitment it generates. So you need to find the exact moment when your community will be present on digital media. You will find these moments through the analysis of your networks.
  • You can also take advantage of the news to assert your presence on social networks and thus energize your target community. News related to your goal or not will have to be monitored. A watch is a marketing process that involves collecting information about products and markets and then analyzing them. Not to mention staying in the main theme of your business and respecting your development aspirations. For example, you can use seasonal events such as Christmas, Halloween or Easter.
  • Invite your community to participate in your content, to ask for their opinions while waiting for their returns. The participation of followers in your content creation is a very interesting point. This practice is called “user generated content.” In other words, the content your consumers create on your products. It contributes to the visibility and image of the brand, such as photos of customers in the situation of use of a product on social networks. It can also take the form of competition games around the brand’s universe: graphic creations, videos or images.
  • You need to be able to position yourself as an inspiration to your community. Your subscribers, giving creative inspiration will want to replicate the type of experience shown. But you can also spark debate, inform your followers. There is a marketing strategy that is part of an editorial strategy based on optimal natural referencing, which consists of writing long, more elaborate content. they will allow you to position yourself as an expert to your audience, thus strengthening your brand image.
  • To energize her community so that she is more engaged you can start the conversation yourself. You must have a personality, a way of speaking and above all the desire to communicate. Then ask questions! Create surveys or questions/answers, give your opinion on current events, … Once the conversation is started, you will be able to spot your ambassadors: Users who follow you, like, comment and share your posts often. On the day you need to give a maximum echo to one of your content, you can directly ask them to share.
  • Emailing and installing a newsletter is a direct marketing process that involves sending e-mail to multiple recipients of a database at the same time in a targeted manner. It will help you build loyalty to your community!
  • You can use tools such as Buffler to program the publication of your statuses at the time you want. All you have to do is schedule the time slots and what statuses you want to publish the day before, and then Buffer will do so. Or Canva, which lets you create designs that are unique to yourself. Or just your note block that will be your best friend to write down all your ideas or you are!

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