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How to find your colours for your business

Colour is an integral part of a company’s identification. It is important to choose it well to promote the visual identity of your business as much as possible. And no, it’s not enough to choose your favorite color to find the right one. As it is part of a whole, you need to understand the psychology of colors before choosing the one that will best represent your business. A good harmony of colors will be able to arouse the desired emotions in your potential customers. This guide will be useful for finding the ideal colors for the visual representation of your company.

Better understanding of colours

Studying colours is art and science at the same time. Indeed, color can convey emotions or a specific message, to attract the attention of your prospects.

Colour has the power to create a powerful feeling in the viewer. Statistics even show that 85% of consumers choose products and services based on the colours that represent them.

In addition, there are countless scientific studies that show that colors are clearly linked to emotions and feelings in the human brain. Colours can be used to better understand, read or remember important concepts.

The vastness of colours

To date, there are three primary colours, including:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow

It is by mixing them that we get new colors, namely green, orange, purple, pink, gray, black and even white. These are the secondary colors. Colours, shades and variations can be endless.

Colors on a case-by-case basis

It is essential to understand the colors and their meanings before finalizing your choice. Primary colours are the most important, but the meaning of secondary colours must also be taken into account.


It is certainly the most popular color in the world. It symbolizes trust, intelligence, calm, responsibility and above all water. It is ideal for imaging the fields of technology, computing and aeronautics. It is also customary to see this color in the area of travel and escape, as well as agribusiness. It is usually used to express freshness.


As a color of passion, red is warm and dynamic. This colour evokes a passionate and instinctive response. It causes your heart rate to skyrocket, makes you breathe faster and triggers the pituitary gland. Moreover, it is often used to represent love, sensuality, prohibition and danger. In Chinese culture, it is the color of luck and prosperity. It is the ideal color to attract the attention of others or to push for frantic buying. It is also used in restaurants because it increases appetite.


This color is one of those that cannot be ignored by the brain. Yellow is the brightest and most energizing of warm colors. As this color recalls the sun, it conveys a feeling of hope, optimism, self-confidence, generosity and joie de vivre. It is generally used to attract the attention of the consumer with its bright brightness. However, it should be remembered that babies hate bright yellow. They often fall into tears when confronted with this color. Moreover, yellow abuse can generate stress and anxiety.

Pay attention to the pitfalls

Before choosing a colour, it is necessary to ensure that:

Distinguishing yourself from your competitors

In case your main competitor’s logo is in red, you should avoid copying it. If you imitate it in this way, consumers may confuse you. They’ll even see you as a pale copy of your competitor.

Be in control of your emotions

You must distinguish between your personal and private lives. This means that your personal appreciations have nothing to do with your business. So don’t let your subjectivity affect your choices.

Dare to marry colors

If you want to mix different colors, dare. This perspective can produce a nice result, or even declare your originality. In addition, you will have the ability to combine the powers of several colors.

Thinking big

If you are planning to promote your brand internationally, you need to make sure you think big. Stop thinking only local. For example, there are some colors that do not have the same meaning for Westerners and Asians. Before choosing your colour, it is best to refer to different cultures.

Make sense of logic

The choice of one or more colors must be made according to the main activity. For example, if you sell vegan food products, you need to put green in your colors. On the other hand, if you are in the diving equipment business, you must prioritize blue.

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