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How to grow your business

Some tips to expand your business

How to enlarge your business by Darlow Paris, digital web design website agency for small and large companies

The containment continues, but for us the work does not stop. So we present the theme of the day. We’ll see how to expand his business, with some ideas.

Whatever your business, if you want to expand your business and be more and more recognized, you will have to find new ideas, new products to catch the eye of your customers.

Indeed, always proposing the same thing is annoying. Having a specialty, yes of course, but offering new products that are in the same specialty, this is where you will attract your prospects to you.

You’re going to say, “Okay, but how do I do it?”

  1. Take inspiration from large groups

And yes, large groups, brands are very inspiring for new products. Look at what they’re doing on social media, their past ads, etc. And if it’s in your field, take some ideas and put them in your sauce so that they are adapted to your business.

A slogan, a new product, a way to talk to customers. Everything is good to take.

2. Build a team

A team in a business is important, a good team even better, and a very good team, you will work miracles.

Surround yourself with people you can count on professionally, who won’t let you down as soon as something goes wrong.

The team that is with you, you will outsource them, and you will make a margin on their benefits. You can then increase your profit. That’s when your turnover will start to go from 3, then to 4 digits and then to 5 (up to as many figures as you want depending on your turnover goal).

I know there are no CEO courses, but to manage your team and motivate them, be as motivating with them as you are with you. Often thank them for the work they do for you. After all it’s your right arm.

Sometimes something is wrong, but it shouldn’t be a matter of contention. On the contrary, take the time to explain to them what is not good, rephrase your sentences (it may also be your fault).

The more you take care of your team, the more they will take care of your business. And will do their job very well.

In France, it’s very hard to find professional people who give their all in their work so when you have found them, do not let them go.

“Only we go faster, many of us go further”

"Only we go faster, many we go further", image Le Nouveau Intern with Anne Hathaway, Darlow Paris

3. Question yourself

Just like in love, and friendship, in your business, even if it’s the job you love. Always question yourself. If your customers are satisfied, make sure it continues. Don’t let go.

Nothing is ever taken for granted

4. Train

We are fortunate, to be in the 21st century with a computer and internet. And even (I’ll say mostly) in full containment, train online.

Those who prefer the authentic effect of paper, read books about business, marketing.

And those who love digital, you have podcasts like “I can’t, I have business” which is my favorite. You can listen to it on Apple Podcast.

There are also many webinars, ebooks that some sites offer. A lot of things. You will inevitably find your happiness there.

As well as the blog posts, as we do today, I offer you an excerpt of what could be with us a consulting session with basic ideas. If you want to go further of course, please contact us.

5. Give yourself goals

Whether it’s goals every week, every month, every day. You need it. This will help you grow even faster.

I love having a todo-list every day of my goals, as well as a paper displayed my sales to reach for the month (as in stores).

6. Congratulate yourself

No it’s not being narcissistic to congratulate you. On the contrary, you have succeeded so why not say congratulations. When you sign a bigger contract than usual, the same thing. Give yourself a break and say congratulations! You deserve it!

I'm strong, pictured with Leonardo Di Caprio in the Wolf of Wall Street, with Darlow Paris, in the article "How to enlarge his business"

7. Be organized

Being organized in your business is super important. Your brain will see much more clearly, and will work more efficiently.

A tidy office, tidy and organized files. And you’ll be a great woman/businessman.

8. Take an interest in your prospects

Are you on Instagram? Facebook? on all social networks….so take an interest in your prospects by going to see what they are doing. Love their picture, comment. Check out your prospects’ followers. It will bring you even more people.

With all these tricks, you have enough to expand your business. Come back to us in comment, if you have had good feedback. We would love to know that it has helped you.

Looking forward to meeting you. Don’t hesitate to send us an MP message on our instagram @darlowparis. Who changed the logo. We’re waiting for your returns:)

Pauline Cheyrouze

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