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Why have your website

Your website

You’ve seen our company go by, but you’re hesitant to have your own site? We’ll explain today why it’s important to have your site.

First of all, it is important to know your customer target, in order to make your website the best when the time comes for creation.

  1. Make yourself known online

Right now, more than usual because we are in full containment, having your website rises super important. Indeed, you can continue to bring in money and make yourself known.

We still have a month of containment to endure, so instead of suffering, take the opportunity to review your communication. And launch your site if it’s not already done. We’re www.darlow.fr

why have your website? Darlow Paris

2. Analyze your prospects

On your website,you can manage the statistics. This means that you can see where your prospects come from, which page they go by, which page they leave. You can know almost anything to help you improve your products, your promotions, and your site itself.

3. Sell internationally

If you are one of the companies that sell products, you can advertise your e-shop all over the world. Indeed, offer several languages (like the most used English) and if you have American customers, put the dollars. You can take the opportunity to make yourself known and sell around the world without even moving from your office.

How to Expand Your Business I Darlow Paris

4. SEO or natural referencing

The SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. For many companies, the SEO doesn’t talk and yet it’s the basis for making you known. By the time your site is online. it will not appear on the first Google page because it has just been put online. Unfortunately, it’s not magic:) It takes months of referencing to hope to find yourself a little higher.

A company that promises you that it will put you on the front page of Google, are liars because it is impossible to make such a promise. That’s why, in our company we offer you the SEO, to make you the basics during a full month of work and we explain how to move it forward over the months. But you will never be forced with a monthly subscription that will cost you 200 euros/month, for 3 years.

Natural referencing is important and mandatory. On social networks, you can’t manage your keywords as much as you’d like. You can’t put 50 hastags, it stops at 30 which is already a lot.

But you’re going to ask me, what is natural referencing? it’s the free SEO that allows you to find when you type the profession that interests us on Google. And not your name. The name is obligatory that we come across it, it’s the name of your site etc. But your prospects, are future customers so they don’t know your name. They must find you by your profession and not by your name.

5. Have your blog

And yes, you knew you could have a blog in your website? plus it helps you get your site up into Google’s results. The longer your article, the more likely you are to appear. But why is it worth making articles? With each new article, it’s equal to an update. So yes, it takes time to write, and find articles. But you’ll always find out.

Blog I Darlow Paris

See you next week for a new article, and if you have a specific desire, don’t hesitate to contact us

Pauline Cheyrouze

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